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The Department of Assamese was established in 1998 just after the establishment of the Kokrajhar campus of Gauhati University. It is located at Deborgaon of Kokrajhar District. The Department of Assamese has now successfully completed its glorious 15 years. The Department boasts of a rich alumni working in many reputed institutions and government agencies of the nation and abroad. The teaching fraternity of this department, of the past and present, has enriched the department by initiating research activities thereby leaving a solid legacy which will further be explored as the department has started Ph.D. programme from the session 2013-2014.



The Department of Assamese was established in 1998 with the vision of preservation and enrichment of oriental learning, culture, philosophy and thought by virtue of deep studies and research of both Assamese Language and Literature. It includes teaching and research of traditional Assamese texts covering various domains like Vedas, Classical Sanskrit, Assamese Grammar and Linguistics and Traditional Culture of Assam. Precisely, the vision is to make this globe a place of happiness and coexistence.



The Department embodies a mission to encourage the usage of Assamese Language and research on various field of its literature and to welcome the Comparative Studies on the scientific thoughts prevailing in different Assamese text. This mission is to focus on the views preserved in the Assamese text and criticism regarding the ecological balance, socio-religious life, philosophical exposition for the enrichment of the social values.


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