Initiated in 2013-14 as Diploma in Bamboo Technology course under the aegis of Department of Biotechnology, Bodoland University was sponsored by the Agriculture Department, Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat, Bodofa Nwgwr, Kokrajhar and National Mission on Bamboo Applications, New Delhi. It is upgraded to the “Centre for Bamboo Studies” in 2017 with its independent identity.


Bamboo is an important natural, renewable livelihood resource in Bodoland Territorial Council which grows in about one third of natural forest as pure and mixed are cultivated on homestead & Non-forest land. Bamboo production in Bodoland Territorial Council area is quite low and there is a need to enhance it through scientific Cultivation of suitable species and improved management of bamboo based Non-forest or forest.


Since, bamboo is the main source of livelihood for rural people of this region. It is therefore the need of the hour to make the people aware of the proper use and scope of Bamboo in Bodoland.

The course is very much important for Bodoland Territorial Council because it provides them in-depth knowledge in various aspects of bamboos.


Centre for Bamboo Studies provides “Diploma in Bamboo Technology (one year)” and “B.Sc. course (three years) on Bamboo Studies” with the following aims:

  • The primary aim of the course is to motivate students for self employment, as well as to carry out extensive research in various aspects of bamboo with particular emphasis in bamboo cultivation and germplasm conservation.
  • Provide unique opportunity to the youngsters for a career in one of the green gold industrial processing sectors viz. bamboo based industry, responsible for processing bamboo and other renewable fiber materials to meet certain vital human needs in most environment friendly manner.
  • It will facilitate evolving strategies for augmenting production, application of relevant technologies and adaptation to global market.
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