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Apart from teaching and research on English language and literature, English department has been striving to give students and researchers interdisciplinary knowledge and outlook keeping in view the global academic demand and pursuit. The department, at present, engages students in interpreting literature in the light of theories prevalent in the leading universities of the world and also promotes research activities in that line. The department aims at opening up more and more and reaches out to other departments of language and social science to prepare a context for better understanding of the making of language and literature. To encourage unity and diversity at a time when the world is collapsing because of ideological conflict, the department creates an atmosphere of amity and fellow-feeling by pursuing the study of comparative literature and translational theories and practices, film and media research. Since the department is committed to the development of the region, besides making the students sensible in the field of literature and culture and making them fit for the job market or making them capable of picking up the right career after university education, it also gives them new insight to interpret their own literature and culture which may occupy a significant position in World Literature. Hence, English department is not just about the study of English and Englishes, it rather encompasses a wide area of English studies from literary angle with political undertone. Needless to say, the department takes care to do justice to the time spent by students, while pursuing their course, by instilling in them the spirit of adventure and innovation. The department marches ahead with the conviction that the discipline is not just for the privileged section with bureaucratic bent of mind; it rather extends its patronage to all the English knowing people in a global atmosphere irrespective of caste, creed and religion. In Bodoland University, it acts as an interpreter, promoter and transformer, all rolled in one. Hence, English department, in present perspective, analyses Indian studies from different angles of global thought and scholarship.

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