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The Department of Zoology is a newly established department under the umbrella of the Faculty of Sciences, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar. Since its inception in 2014, it has been the foremost center for higher education in all aspects of Animal Sciences in lower Assam. Being the only institute of higher education in the western part of Assam, Department of Zoology is committed to fulfilling the needs and aspirations of this region. It will also provide immense opportunity to the student community of this region to explore the exciting world of biological sciences. The current syllabus and teaching in the Department is based on the UGC-Choice Based Credit System which include various aspects of biological sciences such as Molecular Biology, Genes and Genomics, Animal Physiology, Biochemistry, Fish Biology, Molecular Immunology, Developmental Biology, Receptor Biology, Cytogenetics and Genetic Engineering, Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology, Entomology, Environmental Biology, Bioinformatics and Biological Tools and Techniques. Apart from teaching Department of Zoology is also engaged in other co-curricular activities which increase the awareness and practical knowledge of students. Further, we shall be extremely happy to provide further information on any subject related to our department. The contact details of the different faculty members and the office have also been provided.



The Department of Zoology promotes teaching, learning and research at all levels of biological organization i.e., molecular, cellular, population, community and ecosystem. Our visions and aims are: To emphasize on understanding of Biodiversity of the region and adopting measures for their conservation. To excel R&D through research and high level education having local, regional, national and international importance. To involve the department in community-based extensive works trough outreach activities. Hence, our visions are fully aligned to reach excellence in teaching, research and extension work.


Departmental Infrastructure/Facilities

Over the years, Department of Zoology has been able to develop the minimum requirements for its teaching and research programs. Three lecture halls and two laboratories (for M.Sc.) and separate laboratories for Ph.D. students provide an exquisite environment to the students for their studies. Presently, Department of Zoology is equipped with important instrumental facilities such as PCR, UV-VIS-Spectrophotometer, Gel Dock, Ice Flaker, Binocular and Trinocular Microscopes, Phase Contrast Microscope, Colorimeter, BOD incubator, Hot air oven, Electrophoresis Unit, Transilluminator, Digital Balance, Water Bath, Hot Plate, Double distillation plant, Magnetic Stirrer, Digital pH Meter, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Microwave oven, Micropipettes, Autoclave, Freezer etc. Other necessary and important instruments will be procured very soon.


Courses Offered

Intake Capacity   20 nos.
Eligibility B.Sc. (10 + 2 + 3 pattern) with Major/Honors Course in Zoology
Bodoland University offers one of the most promising and talented Master’s program in the North-eastern part of India. The students are admitted to the M.Sc. program on the basis of an All-India entrance examination conducted by the Department of Zoology, BU. In addition to the theory courses, the program gives special emphasis on practical training. The M.Sc. students undertake a 2-semester research project work (starts from 3rd Semester) to orient them towards research in diverse areas of Biological Sciences. Students also participate in seminars to enhance their communication and comprehension skills.



M.Sc. Zoology: 2 Years (4 Semesters); Choice Based Credit System

1ST SEMESTER ZOO-101: Ecology and Environmental Biology ZOO-102: Molecular Cell Biology and Receptor Biology ZOO-103: Endocrinology ZOO-104: Evolution and Bioinformatics ZOO-105: Practical

2ND SEMESTER ZOO-201: Reproductive and Developmental Biology ZOO-202: Genes and Genomics ZOO-203: Biochemistry and Metabolism ZOO-204: Biosystematics and Bio-statistic ZOO-205: Practical Elective (ZOO-206E) (Compulsory: anyone) i) Aquaculture ii) Parasite Biology

3RD SEMESTER ZOO-301: Tools and Techniques ZOO-302: Animal Physiology and Immunology ZOO-303: Genetics, Cytogenetic and Genetic Engineering ZOO-304: Entomology and Fishery ZOO-305: Practical Elective (Optional: anyone) ZOO-306E: i) Pest Management ii) Nutrition, Health, and Diseases

4TH SEMESTER SPECIAL PAPERS 1. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY ZOO-MBI-401C: Cells and Genomics ZOO-MBI-402C: Proteins and Proteomics ZOO-MBI-403C: Molecular Immunology ZOO-MBI-404C: Dissertation/Advance Practical 2. FISH AND FISHERY BIOLOGY ZOO-FFB-401F: Physiology and Immunology of Fishes ZOO-FFB-401F: Biotechnology and Sustainable Aquaculture in Fishery Development ZOO-FFB-401F: Nutrition Technology, Quality Management, and Toxicology ZOO-FFB-401F: Dissertation/Advanced Practical

* Dissertation starts from 3rd Semester for every batch


Departmental Achievements

1. CSIR-NET: Geetimala Pegu, CSIR-UGC NET (2014-16, 1st batch), Miss Momita Boro, CSIR-NET (JRF, 2017)
2. SLET:


Departmental extra-curriculum activity etc

Students of the Department of Zoology also take part in many other extra curriculum activities and have won many prizes.
o Recently (September, 2017), students of M.Sc. 3rd semester (2016-2018 batch) visited Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Central Inland Fishery Research Institute, Bose Institute and Jadhavpur University of Kolkata to get exposure of the various advanced research facilities and instrumentations. o Students visited NEHU, ICAR, and other advanced laboratories of North East India (2015, 2016)
o Champions of Boy’s Basketball, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o Champions of Girl’s Basketball, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o 2nd Position, Girl’s Volleyball, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o 1st Prize in Carom Competition, (Girls Doubles), (Varsity Week, 2017)
o 2nd Prize Modern Song Competition, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o Marathon, Girls 3rd Prize, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o Javelin Throw, 2nd & 3rd Prize, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o Story Writing, 2nd Prize, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o Blind Hit, 3rd Prize, (Varsity Week, 2017)
o 2nd Prize Quiz Competition, 1st Prize in Quick Selling Competition and 2nd Prize at Riddle Competition at ‘PANACHE FEST’, Organized by Department of MBA, BU, (2016).

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